Our Services

TaxPort International offers a wide range of services that aim to simplify the management of tax issues Corporations face around the world. We call this VAT File Management. We are your single contact point for comprehensive tax solutions. 

TaxPort can advise on and provide assistance with:

VAT Registration
•   The pros and cons of voluntary registration
•   The timing of compulsory registration
•   Extracting maximum benefit from the rules on de-registration
•   Partial exemption(s)
•   Timing and delaying VAT payments
•   Issuing VAT invoices on behalf of your business

VAT Refund
TaxPort offers 3 service levels in retrieving documents to produce VAT refund claims: 

Option 1 : On-site “raw” 
TaxPort conducts an on-site VAT audit on a “raw” basis. 
(complete files) 

Option 2 : Off-site “raw” 
The client ships the documents “raw” to TaxPort 
(complete files) 

Option 3 : Off-site “net” 
The client identifies and ships VAT sensitive invoices / receipts only 
(plus proof of payment for large transactions ) 

We include preliminary client consultations as part of our service, and our fee is always contingent on the taxes we recover. If we can’t get your refund, we don’t get paid. That’s the TaxPort commitment.

VAT Compliance
•   VAT invoicing compliance
•   VAT on imports and exports
•   VAT audits by a foreign tax authority

VAT on Import
Goods being shipped to Europe and other countries where a VAT or similar system of taxation (GST, JCT, IVA) exists will be subject to VAT on Import in many cases.

When a non-European corporation is charged such taxes by a freight forwarder or a supplier such as Fed Ex, UPS, DHL. It is often possible for the shipper to recover the taxes paid.

TaxPort International can provide assistance in recovering these taxes retroactively in some cases.

Our tax experts will provide guidance as to minimize the VAT exposure on future shipments or maximize the VAT recovery.

Conferences and Meetings
In principle your association is required to charge VAT to the Attendees, Exhibitors and Sponsors when holding an event overseas. This has no relation to the fact that the event is being organized from the US, elsewhere or that the registration process is conducted over the Internet. Finally, in order to charge VAT, your association must register for the local VAT Regime. 

The Following points must also be considered :

Do you Need To Register or Not ? 
Local Tax Rules & Regulations 
How VAT Works 
Our Involvement 
Our Fee Structure and Basic Inclusions

Event Invoicing
If you registered for the local tax regime where your meeting is taking place you will have to issue compliant tax invoices to your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Each country will have its own set of rules as for when to issue the invoices and what information should appear of them. Also, you will need to deal with special circumstances such as deposits on sponsorship, partial refunds, hotel commission fees, etc. 

TaxPort has the knowledge and the expertise to issue tax invoices that are fully compliant and convey a professional appearance to your members. TaxPort will then be able to use this data to file the monthly or quarterly VAT/GST returns. Your accounting team will simply need to review the data.

For more information, download our VFM PDF on our download page: